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Our company won“Irrigation enterprise grade Otsuichi class”Qualifications,To provide customers with professional water saving irrigation solutions and technical guidance


With the State Intellectual Property Office issued a patent of utility model more than a dozen, and has irrigation EnterprisesB first grade qualification。Strict implementation of ISO9001 quality assurance system standards and national quality standards, the company production of drip irrigation (belt), tube single wing labyrinth type drip irrigation belt, PE pipe, PVC pipe after"span>Xinhua water-saving certification”

Four advantages of micro irrigation house·Leading brands of water saving irrigation

Provide first-class products and services cost-effective irrigation

Drip irrigation is a full pipe water and local micro irrigation, so that the leakage and loss of water to a minimum. Drip irrigation system only through the valve manual or automatic control, and combined with fertilization, so it can significantly save labor input, reduce production costs.
Drip irrigation is the most local irrigation, the soil surface to keep dry, and drip slowly and evenly to supply water to the root soil layer, the temperature keeping, recovery, reduce evaporation, reduce indoor humidity has obvious effect. Can obviously reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, and then can reduce the amount of pesticides.
Drip irrigation is micro irrigation, the water slowly and evenly into the soil, the soil structure can play a role in maintaining, and the formation of suitable soil water, fertilizer, thermal environment.
Due to the application of drip irrigation to reduce the amount of application of fertilizer, pesticides and pests can significantly improve the quality of the products, ahead of time to market.

Science and technology to lead the industry and agriculture service China house

Hebei runtitan water-saving equipment Co. Ltd through the main products of independent innovation are: Wing labyrinth type drip irrigation belt, embedded drip tape, mosaic column type drip irrigation pipe, micro spray irrigation, micro irrigation belt, all kinds of ancillary products, drop arrow, pressure compensating emitter, turbulator tiny stream irrigation system, PE the water supply pipe of various types and sizes and the corresponding PVC fittings, underground water pipes and PVC pipes, filters, such as fertilization greenhouse field drip irrigation, micro sprinkler irrigation equipment and products.


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